About Us

About Brookside Fire Company

Brookside Fire Company Firefighters and EMS providers are people from your general area, and are committed to responsively serve the public with professionalism, excellence, courage, and pride for their station, members, and community. They are on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year, and dedicate themselves at the least one night a week to an overnight duty shift and yet another evening for training. Many weekends are spent attending classes elsewhere. Not to mention the countless hours out on emergency calls. They sacrifice much time away from loved ones, family, friends; many times postpone household projects and other responsibilities because of their genuine concern for the people in the community.

Brookside members are all volunteers. They might not get paid for what they do, but they dedicate many extra hours to continuing education and progressive training. They are service people, doctors, high-school students, nurses, soldiers, police officers, office assistants, college students, writers, delivery drivers, industrial workers, and technicians. They’re your next-door neighbor, the person standing next to you in line at the bank, gas station, grocery store. They are ordinary everyday people who do an extraordinary job. Most importantly they work together as a team to help protect your community.

All members of Station 24 are required to complete several courses to maintain the high standards we, here at Brookside, feel are needed to serve our community. These courses include; Essentials of Fire Fighting, EVOC Certification, Hazmat Certification, Incident Command Certification, Emergency Medical Technician Certification, and NIMS compliant Certifications – NIMS 700, NIMS 800, ICS 100, and ICS 200.

Every new member remains on a probation until all of these courses are successfully completed and pass in-house testing to assure safety standards for everyone and to familiarize newly accepted members with the necessary guidelines, rules and regulations, standard operating procedures and responsibilities. Course funding is provided by the station.

In addition, members continue their education with specialized training courses such as Basic Vehicle rescue, Water rescue, Rope Rescue, Confined Space rescue, F.A.S.T. Team, Firefighter survival, as well as a multitude of other courses to choose from. We pride ourselves in our constant strive for new skills and techniques in which everyone will benefit from.