Whether or not you are in a fire prone land, it pays to have the knowledge on how you can prevent the occurrence of such in your home. Where does usually fire starts? What most likely to trigger it? If it occurs, how can you ensure your safety, and your families? Such maybe small information but can be life and death when tragedy strikes.

So what is the common cause of fire in a household?

Among the most common reasons of fire in the neighborhood is the faulty electrical wiring. This usually occurs if the house is not properly maintained, and have foundations that help with the fast spreading of the fire. Typical materials include wood that is often seen in old houses. It doesn’t help that there are often combustible materials that are not properly stored such as fuels, thinner, paints, and cleaning materials among others.

Other reported triggers include cooking, heating and electrical equipment. This results to fire when they overheat after being left unattended for so long. Same with candles which are commonly used as home decorations these days. Scented ones are often used to remove foul odors in a home. It is also used to create a romantic atmosphere for dinners and luncheon, especially if there are visiting guests. The may look appealing to the eyes but they can be cruel when not put off at the right time.

Improper disposal of cigarette butts is a common cause of fire as well. Especially if it is disposed with easily-burned materials such as paper, dried leaves, and wood. This is not only dangerous in a household, but is also one of the common cause of forest fires which can spread several miles per minute. During Christmas season, the number one cause of fire among household are the lights and decorations. While unsupervised children playing with matchsticks is another cause all-year long.

If you are going to analyze, all of these could be prevented by taking safety measures in your household. By as simple as paying attention to the needed maintenance, you can prevent the problem on faulty wiring to persist; Unplugging of appliances when not in use is another, and of course not leaving your kids with flammable unsupervised. Better yet, you can create a child-proof home and maintain a proper storage for easily combustible materials in your home. Lastly, you should ensure that your cigarette butts are properly put out and disposed off.

You can also take additional precautions such as installing smoke and fire alarms for early detection. Practice also the fire drills and never ever prioritize gathering your ‘important’ things if fire starts in your home. Prioritize your family’s safety always and ensure that their safety comes first above anything else. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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